Company PROMOPHARM, founded in early 2017, whose purpose is providing quality-marketing services on the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Moldova. We offer all the necessary support, to be able to promote the medicinal products on the pharmaceutical market of Moldova: registration, distribution (we can agree with one or more local distributors), active promotion in pharmacies and medical institutions. Quality control and pharmacovigilance activities (QA and PV). Today the company PROMOPHARM is actively expanding the range of services and partners. Our company works with all entities of medical and pharmaceutical industry: manufacturers, representatives, distributors, pharmacy chains, medical centers and clinics, patients. We know the pharmaceutical business in Moldova from the inside to the “smallest detail”.

In the company works highly professional staff with higher education - pharmacists and doctors. Having experience in the pharmaceutical business for more than 10 years in leading representatives of both western and local companies.


Facilitate the Moldavian and international participants in achieving their goals on the placing and promotion of medicinal products on the Moldova pharmaceutical market in.


currently working on the following therapeutic lines:

  • Urology,
  • Gynecology,
  • Otorhinolaryngology,
  • Neurology,
  • Gastroenterology,
  • Pediatrics,
  • Ophthalmology,
  • Rheumatology.

Since 2017, Promofarm has been rapidly increasing its product portfolio and sales. We do not rest on our laurels and continue to work actively, planning our sales growth in 2020 above the previous year.

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly influenced the pharmaceutical business, how much will depend on the state, depending on how it will cope with this challenge.

One thing is clear to everyone - the sales structure has changed significantly and not in favor of medicines.


The Moldovan market is relatively small, but it attracts the main players in Europe. The top 10 firms in 2018 have 39% of the retail market, which makes it quite concentrated on large companies. This makes it difficult for new players to enter.

Public procurement is estimated at 10% of the total market, approximately $ 16.6 million.

It should also be noted another important aspect of the Moldovan market - offset drugs, which are paid by the national medical insurance company. The list of offset drugs includes medicines for various groups of diseases. In 2018, the volume of preferential drugs amounted to more than $ 35 million.



  • Esculap Farm
  • Becor
  • Distrimed
  • Grin Farm
  • Dita East Farm
  • Tetis
  • Vinamex


  • Felicia
  • Familia
  • Elody
  • Orient
  • Ghedeon Rihter
  • Appoteka
  • Mama
  • It Costs Less
  • It Provides Fresh Insight
  • It’s Less Time Consuming
  • It Eliminates Turnover
  • Increased efficiency
  • Decreased internal staff load.