Representative outsourcing

The company Promopharm provides all the necessary resources and competencies to provide a full range of services supporting foreign companies in Moldova. We register the product, choose one or more from top distributors; we organize the presence of the product into different pharmacy chains, allocation of necessary field resources etc.

By outsourcing a representative office of a foreign company will be able to find out the feasibility of investments in Moldova without an actual market presence and at the lowest cost.


We will organize the employment of your employer or we are looking for staff needed by your company. Promopharm offers temporary or long-term outstaffing services.

Outstaffing is convenient if you need to save on your personnel service or "unload" it with large volumes of work. Among the main services of the company: removal and reception of new employees, recruitment and staffing, organization and management of salary projects.


Key Account Manager will be able to keep all stakeholders informed of all important issues, and all communications be concise, clear and convincing.

  • KAM-partner will take your work and responsibilities with distributors and pharmacy chains.
  • KAM-partner broadcasts, monitors and implements your marketing strategy.
Individual project

As part of this service, our company can offer its option to work in the Moldovan market. We will provide all the necessary resources.

Our experts will study your specific aspects of the business and will offer the most optimal plan for solving their problems taking into account the experience and realities of the Moldavian pharmaceutical market.

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